How to organize an event in Lingua2

How to find people

Everything depends on the ammount of potential people that you have:

You want to create an event from the beginning

Follow these steps:

  • Speak with your friends about setting up an event and convince them to promote it and organise it.
  • Contact international associations and tell them about your idea. Probably they will help you to organise a big event, otherwise the may send an email to their members.
  • Look for potential assistants in social networks according to their country of birth, languages and other parameters.
  • You can open the event to all languages so you can have more assistants.
  • Tell them to register in Lingua2.

You already have a conversation group

Make your group bigger broadcasting all your events in Lingua2 and inviting our existing members.

What to offer

  • Conversation meeting specific for one language
  • Conversation meeting in all languages
  • International welcome parties (Erasmus, international students, international professionals, etc.)
  • International parties in general
  • Just for fun event
  • Find your language partner event
  • Long events abroad for language learning or just for fun
  • Any other event聽馃檪

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